Why is driving electric the future?

Save money and help the environment. Electric vehicles are the future of sustainable transportation.


You can save between $1,500 and $2,500 per year in fuel and maintenance costs. Purchase incentives in Ontario are also available up to $14,000.


Modern EV's have a range of 200 - 400km, while plug-in hybrid vehicles have 50 - 100km of EV range and over 500km in gas range-extended mode.


The majority of electricity generated in Ontario is using renewable energy. When you drive an EV, you are emitting near zero carbon emissions.

We can help!

Whether you are an individual looking to install an EV charger or a business looking to provide charging to your customers or guests, we can help! We can also help connect you with other EV owners to provide real world experiences and information about driving electric in the north. Look below for some companies that provide EV charging solutions.
Flo - AddÉnergie

Flo - AddÉnergie

"Flo (AddÉnergie) is a turn-key solution that offers made-in-Canada equipment. Using a one of it's kind metal construction, Flo's charging stations are suited for the climate of the north."



"One of the most popular charging solutions in North America, ChargePoint offers home solutions as well as public EV charging stations suited for a wide variety of clients and locations."



"KSI-Koben offers a turn-key charging solution for businesses and residential property managers. With the success of myEVroute, they are well positioned to successfully complete your personalized charging solution."



"With the ability to supply 25-minute charges without limitation from grid
capabilities, eCAMION’s Level 3 DC fast-charging stations are uniquely positioned to match the rising demand for a seamless charging experience."

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Check out our latest news posts for up to date information and links to EV news in and around the Greater Sudbury area.

GSEVA at EV2018VE!

We will be attending the Electric Mobility Canada EV2018VE conference and trade show in Ottawa on April 24th to the 27th! The May GSEVA meeting should have some excellent news and information from the conference. Read more…

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