Why is driving electric the future?


You can save between $1,500 and $2,500 per year in fuel and maintenance costs. Driving 100km costs just $2 in electricity and more than $10 in fuel.


Modern EV's have a range of 200 - 500km and can typically fast-charge back to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.


Our local economy is set to directly benefit from EV sales. The nickel, copper and cobalt our mines produce are the materials required in advanced batteries in electric vehicles.


The electricity generated in Ontario is 95% low-carbon, which means from grid-to-vehicle when you drive electric, you are emitting near zero greenhouse gas.


Gas-powered vehicles emit harmful chemicals and particulate matter such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide which contribute to smog related illness.

Our mission

The Greater Sudbury Electric Vehicle (EV) Association is a non-profit group based out of Sudbury, Ontario that helps educate consumers about the benefits of driving an EV. We also advocate on behalf of EV owners to ensure local governments create policies and infrastructure that are supportive of EVs. By connecting with major EV charging networks, manufacturers, and OEMs, we are Sudbury’s number one choice for EV information and education.

Want to join the rEVolution? We can help!

Whether you are a consumer looking for more information about purchasing a new electric vehicle or if you are a business looking to install EV charger(s), we can assist. With our industry leading connections, we can provide the best solution for your environment.